Are you looking for a great place to spend your vacation?

Look no further. Philippines has a lot to offer.

From bustling cities to white sand beaches, beautiful sunsets, amazing landscapes, alluring mountains, this archipelago of over seven thousand islands will surely make your vacation memorable and fun.

Plus, you will get to know people who are unbelievably friendly especially when you explore off-beaten paths and the provinces.

Our Mission

We aim to provide up to date, accurate and extensive guides and reviews of attractions, accommodations, tours and foods that we have tried in our escapes as a family.

We strive to provide you helpful information to make your visit to the Philippines seamless, efficient and more meaningful.

Welcome to Wanderful Philippines where we share useful information of a multitude of destinations in the tropical paradise, the Philippines.

Who We Are

We are a small family living in the City of Davao located in Southern Philippines. We love to explore a multitude of attractions and destinations all over the Philippines and we do our best to document them here at Wanderful Philippines.

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Here at Wanderful Philippines, we cover the following topics:

Attractions: Check out different attractions of various destinations in the Philippines

Accommodations: Choose from various accommodations that are properly vetted to give you the best recommendations for various budget profiles.

Tours: Comprehensive guides and resources on how to get from point A to point B in various Philippine destinations.

Food: Our family loves to eat. We will share here our various finds as we eat out.

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Here at Wanderful Philippines, we value trust, honesty and transparency.

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While we strive to provide you information from our personal experiences, it is impossible to be able to stay in all accommodations in a particular place. Please note however that all our reviews and recommendations are unbiased. They are well-researched and we check a lot of reviews and they are properly vetted for you.

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