Do you want to see crocodiles from small to big ones? If you want, then you got to visit Davao Crocodile Park. You will get to know Pangil, the biggest croc at this park.

Davao Crocodile Park is located along Radi Road, Maa, Davao City. It is just within Davao Riverfront Corporate City in Davao City, Philippines.

It is accessible via Diversion Road, Davao City.

How to Go to Davao Crocodile Park

This park is accessible via the Davao diversion road. If you are coming from the airport, just ride a taxi and it will take you to the park using the diversion road highway.

Another option is to ride a bus that ply over the Davao Diversion Road. You have to alight from the bus at the highway corner Davao Riverfront Corporate City then ride a single motor or motor cab in going to Davao Crocodile Park.

What to See

You will see crocodiles big and small. There is a zoo at the park that you will be able to see numerous animals such as:

  • snakes of different kinds
  • birds of different colors
  • Bengal tiger
  • koi fishes in various colors
  • ostrich in their habitat
  • monkeys

How much is the entrance fee at Davao Crocodile Park

As of this writing entrance fee is Php350 for 3 years old kids and above.


It is famous because they have plenty of animals in their zoo that are not found in other zoos and parks. Aside from that, you can enjoy various activities at the park.

Davao Crocodile Park Activities

There are various activities you can do at the Crocodile Park and it will surely delight you and your kiddies if you are tagging them along with you.

Crocodile Feeding

There are various crocodiles of different sizes placed in different pens at Crocodile park. The most popular croc at the park is of course Pangil, the biggest one. You can see him just near the entrance of the park.

One exciting and thrilling activity that you can do is feeding the crocs.

Just approach one of the park staff and you will be directed to where you can buy the meat and do the feeding of the crocs yourself.

Afraid of doing it? Do not worry, the staff will assist you in doing the feeding activity.

Koi Fish Feeding

Another exciting activity you can do at the park is to feed the lovely koi fishes.

There is a rounded pond at the park that is full of Koi fishes. They are so many that you can just touch them.

This is a perfect activity especially for the kids. And of course for the kids at heart.

You can buy fish food from the staff at the park. Feed the fishes by your hands and the fishes will be competing to get their share with the food that you are giving them.

However, be warned of getting wet. Fishes will flex their body back and forth creating splashes of water that will make you wet.

So be prepared for an extra dress or shirt, in case.

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Ostrich Feeding

Another animal that you can feed at the park is the ostrich.

There are a number of them at the park. If you are lucky, you can see the huge eggs they lay in their pen.

Feeding them is a little bit intimidating especially for the kids because they are huge. However, they are very friendly creatures.

I would like to believe that they are used to having the visitors at the park.

They know that you will be feeding them. Be fast though in giving them food because if you are slow, they will take the food bag from you.

Another feeding that we have witnessed during our visit is the feeding of the Bengal tiger which was performed by one of the Davao Crocodile park owners, Mr. Sonny Dizon himself as he showed it to his visitors.

Tiger feeding is not offered to the public during our visit.

Visit and Learn about Butterflies at Butterfly House

There is a butterfly house within the vicinity of the park and it is great to visit the place.

You will see different butterflies of various sizes and colors in their natural habitat.

Do you want to know the development stages of the butterfly? How they are being fed? You will learn all these things at this butterfly sanctuary.

Watch the Animal Show

One of the fun experiences you will have when visiting Davao Crocodile park is the Animal show.

Many animals will parade themselves and show you their cuteness in the show.

They will perform things asked of them by their trainers.

They are just awesome.

The animal show is scheduled in the afternoon so better ask the staff if they have a show on your particular visit.

There are various shows in the park depending on the time of your visit and their schedule. There is fire dancing, animal feeding, tightrope walking on top of crocodile pen, animal show, among others.

Eat out at the Restaurant

Wondering where to eat when you are at the Davao Crocodile Park? Eat out at Riverwalk Grill Restaurant.

They serve delicious Filipino foods. Some soups are being served in clay pots giving you that traditional eating feel.

You will also get to enjoy the river ambiance as this restaurant is so near the Davao River.

Have a Picture of Yourself Holding a Python and a Bird at the Park

One of the common ways to have a remembrance or souvenir of visiting the park is to have your picture taken holding a python.

Not fond of a python? Don’t fret. You may opt to have your picture taken holding a bird instead.

Check Out Native Houses at Tribu K’Mindanawon

Near the vicinity of the park is a cultural village called Tribu K’Mindanawon. It showcases the culture and skills of people in Mindanao.


My family have been to this park several times and it is always fun to visit this park. We have witnessed several shows as well and every visit is worth it.

Have you been to Davao Crocodile Park?

If not, give the park a visit and experience fun with the animals.

Davao Crocodile Park and Zoo

Riverfront Corporate City, Diversion Road, Maa Davao City

Contact Number: 0917 702 5953 | 286.8883

Rates: 0-3 years old -Free | 3years old and above – 350Php (includes entrance to Butterfly house, Crocodile park and show access)

Business Hours: 8AM – 5PM – Monday to Sunday