We were heading North today and we feel hungry because it is so early when we had our breakfast.

We are in the Pampanga area and decided to check out Garden by the Bay Resort and Restaurant, a resort resto that we used to frequent to.

Food at Garden by the Bay Resort and Restaurant

We went to their place half past nine o’clock in the morning. Since it was a spontaneous decision to drop by the place, we never expect anything.  But lo and behold, they were already open and served breakfast.

So we ordered breakfast overload which consist of garlic fried rice, Hungarian sausage, a sunny side up egg, a slice of fresh mango with lettuce and tomato on the side.  It comes with a glass of orange juice.

Garden by the Bay Resort and Restaurant, Wanderful Philippines

We also had their oatmeal champorado (oatmeal chocolate porridge) which was really delicious.  It is served in a big bowl and is good for 2-3 people.

The champorado is served the traditional, Filipino way, with fried dried boneless danggit fish.  Perfect for a yummy breakfast.

This resort offers delectable Filipino foods such as lechon kawali, kinilaw and other Filipino fares for lunch and dinner.

They also offer seafood mukbang if you like it.

The Place

The place has improved a lot since the last time we visited there.  They renovated their restaurant and it has now  a bigger area.

They have now a spacious and a more well-maintained restaurant.

The accommodating and courteous staff is a plus.

Fresh Sea Breeze and Lovely View

The best thing this place can offer aside from good food is their lovely ambiance.  Since they are along the sea, you will be able to enjoy fresh air with a stunning and lovely view of the nearby Samal Island.

How to Go There

This restaurant is located by the beach at Barrio Pampanga, Davao City.  You just need to pass along the road going north and when you reach Nova Tierra area, pass the road between MacDonald’s and Jollibee, going to the beach area and you will find the place.

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Key Takeaways

This place is great and ideal for family, friends and colleagues.  If you are a family who have children, there is also a playground for them.

As of the time of visit, their swimming pool is undergoing renovation.

Food is yummy and reasonable.  Highly recommended place.