Kapatagan is a place located in the highlands of Digos City, Davao del Sur. The place is formerly called “Rizal. It is a chilly place, being located at the foothills of Mt. Apo and elevated at approximately 1,299 meters above sea level.

The fertile soil of Kapatagan makes it ideal for plant propagation and production of vegetables. It is one of the sources of veggies in Digos area. It is also common to see lovely flowers of different species growing in this place.

Reasons to Visit Kapatagan, Digos City

  1. Lovely Views. Kapatagan is blessed with amazing views of nature. You will get to enjoy the verdant vegetation in the area and the mountains around the place.
  2. Relaxing Place. Communing with nature is one of the best antidotes to stress especially if you live in the city chasing time and work.
  3. Beautiful flowers. You will get to enjoy the lovely flowers that grow in Kapatagan, Digos. Its balmy weather and fertile soil, being located just near Mt. Apo makes the flowers thrive and bloom.
  4. Beautiful mountains. Since the place is one of the jump-off areas going to Mt. Apo, going to the place makes you enjoy the lovely mountain ranges that surround the place.
  5. Inviting Water Falls. If you are the more adventurous type and you love the waters, you can take yourself to the lovely waterfalls in the area.
  6. Close Glimpse of Mt. Apo, Philippines’ highest peak. Ahh, the amazing Mt. Apo. You can clearly see it in this place especially on a sunny weather.

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Kapatagan Tourist Spots

There are numerous tourist spots Kapatagan can offer. It is a place gifted with beautiful nature, beautiful view of mountain ranges, lush vegetation and of course, the view of the majestic Mt. Apo.

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There are a number of resorts you can visit at Kapatagan, Digos City.

Dhen Yho’s Family Resort

Dhen Yho’s, Kapatagan, Digos City

Dhen Yho’s Place Resort is a popular resort in Kapatagan, Digos. It is a perfect getaway for family, friends and even have a date with your lovies.

The place is ideal for relaxation and rejuvenation. It offers cool mountain breeze and pollution-free.

It has swimming pool for both adult and kids, food store and restaurant. It has rooms for accommodations to those who want to stay overnight in the area.

Dhen Yho’s Place

Kapatagan, Digos City

Entrance Fee: P100

Contact # 0963 972 8400 | 0963 972 8400

Montefrio Garden Resort

Montefrio Garden Resort, Kapatagan, Digos City

Montefrio Garden Resort is one of the popular tourist spots in Kapatagan, Digos City. It is an overlooking mountain resort giving you beautiful vantage points to its surrounding areas. Just like the other tourist attractions in the area, it has a cold temperature.

This place is facing Mt. Apo giving you scenic views of the Philippine’s highest peak.

It provides day and overnight accommodation services. They have villas and cabanas for their guests. It has a bar for you to chillax.

It has restaurant, swimming pool, function hall and a garden.

Monte Frio Garden Resort

Kapatagan, Digos city

Entrance: P110.000 (sightseeing only)

Contact # 0919 098 8948

Wine Woods Apo

Wine Woods Apo, Kapatagan, Digos City

Wine Woods Apo gives you that “Europe feels” in the highlands of Kapatagan, Digos City. You will be able to enjoy wine and of course, pine trees in the area.

They have restaurant and accommodation rooms for guests who want to stay overnight.

Wine Woods Apo

Kapatagan, Digos City

Entrance fee: 200 (100 consumable)

Contact # 0930 801 7859

Camp Sabros

Camp Sabros, Kapatagan, Digos City

Camp Sabros is one of the popular Kapatagan Digos tourist spots. It is a mountain resort and an adventure camp that offers various leisure activities such as zip line and cable ride. You can also do horseback riding and bonfires at night.

It has bar and restaurant . They also have souvenir shop and convenience store.

It has glass house and white house to accommodate guests.

Camp Sabros Mountain Resort

Sitio Barras, Kapatagan, Digos City

Entrance Fee: Adult: P75 | Senior Citizen: 50 | Child: 40

Contact # Globe 0966 711 0365 | Smart 0999 381 5765

Jardin de Señorita

Jardin de Senorita is a lovely resort with lots of blossoming flowers and lovely pastel colored small houses making you feel like you are in “little Netherlands”.

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It is a very relaxing place with an amazing view and nice ambiance, perfect for family bonding and friends outing. The lovely colors around makes you feel energized and refreshed.

This place is a perfect place for weddings and pre-nuptial pictorials. They have a restaurant that serve delicious foods. They also have dwarf houses for their guests who wanted to stay overnight in their place.

Jardin de Senorita

Sitio Bacoco, Kapatagan, Digos

Entrance fee: P100

Contact # 0963 312 2838

Agong House

Agong House, Kapatagan, Digos City

Agong House and Tibolo Village is another attraction in the highlands of Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur.

The place showcased sculptures and statues made by a famous local artist Kublai Milan.

The Tibolo village features homes of the Bagobo tribe who are inhabitants in the area.

Agong House (Kublai Art Garden)

Kinambulan, kapatagan, Digos City

Entrance fee: FREE

Farms and Gardens

There are also farms and gardens that you can visit at Kapatagan and its neighboring town Bansalan. This tourist spots are just along the road that traverse Kapatagan and barangays of Bansalan town.

Apo flower Garden Resort

Apo Flower Garden Mountain Resort, Kapatagan Digos

Apo Flower Garden Mountain Resort provides scenic view of Mt. Apo and the lush greens around the place.

They have rooms for those guests who intend to stay overnight.

This place is relatively new and they are still in the process of improving some facilities in the area. However, this place is surely worthy of your visit.

Apo Flower Garden Mountain Resort

Sitio Paradise, Barangay Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur

Entrance fee: P 70

Contact # 0947 571 2655

Rose Yellow Garden

Rose Yellow Garden, Kapatagan, Digos City

Rose Yellow Garden is resort that is full of beautiful flowers. It is a lovely place surrounded with picturesque mountains.

Just like any place in Kapatagan area, it is a great place to unwind and marvel God’s creations.

If you are a plant lover, good news. This place sell flowers. So, you can pick and buy plants that you want to grow at home.

Rose Yellow Garden

Sitio Mainit, Kapatagan, Digos City, Davao del Sur

Entrance fee: P30

Contact # 0946 634 1355

Mt. Apo Civet Farm

Mt. Apo Civet Coffee Farm. Kapatagan, Digos

Have you tasted civet coffee? This farm in the highlands of Kapatagan produces one of the finest coffee in the world.

In this farm, civet cats are fed with coffee bean cherries and the fermented cats droppings are collected, cleaned and made into a civet coffee.

This farm has also a cafe where you can chillax with family and friends.

Mt. Apo Civet coffee

Kapatagan, Digos

Sky Garden

Sky Garden Cafe and Dine, Bansalan, Davao del Sur

Sky Garden Cafe and Dine is an overlooking restaurant where you can enjoy lovely vista of the mountains and the beautiful nature around you. Geographically, this place is located at New Sitio Bohol, Managa, Bansalan, Davao del Sur.

We are including this on our list as its location is just near Kapatagan. The road going to this place is the road going to Kapatagan and just go ahead until you will see this place. It is easy to spot as they have a signage.

If using private vehicle, it is 2 hours drive from Davao City, 1 hour drive from Digos City and just 15 minutes from the town of Bansalan.

Sky Garden Cafe and Dine

Sitio Sabangan Road, Bansalan, Davao del Sur

Contact # 0917-750-3386

Cactus Farm

Cactus Farm and Adenium, Bansalan, Davao del Sur

Do you love cactus or fond of collecting this kind of plant? This cactus farm will make your eyes twinkle with these lovely cactus of different varieties. This farm offers wholesale and retail services of their cactus plants and adenium.

They also offer shipments of their plants.

Cactus Farm and Adenium

Barangay Union, Bansalan, Davao del Sur

Entrance fee: P50

Contact # 0951 026 2884

Nature Adventure / Falls

If you are the more adventurous type, you can test your stamina and tenacity by taking the trails that needs toughness and physical endurance in going to these marvelous natural beauty that nature can offer.

Tudaya Falls

Tudaya Falls in Davao del Sur

Tudaya Falls is one attraction of Kapatagan. However, going to the area is not the easiest. From the Jump-off area, you will have to trek a trail full of trees and bushes.

You will have to pass by muddy places and uncleared trails. However, being able to get to the falls is so exhilarating and worth it.

Virgin Falls

Virgin Falls, Kapatagan, Digos City

Virgin Falls, true to its name is unspoiled gem hidden in the forests of Kapatagan, Digos. You will have to walk a considerable distance going to the falls.

Traversing the trail going to the falls needs you to be careful as it can be slippery and muddy.

Finally arriving and getting close with the falls is so rejuvenating and worthy of the hardships you get through in getting there.

Lake Mirror

Lake Mirror, Kapatagan Digos

Lake Mirror is a lovely lake with bountiful flora and fauna located in Kapatagan, Digos. It is surrounded with trees and mountains. You can do fishing in the area and do camping and picnic with family and friends.

Lake mirror, as the name suggests mirrors the majectic Mt. Apo and the mountains and its greens in the valley of Kapatagan.

Lake Rosario

Lake Rosario, Kapatagan, Digos

Another lake that is popular in Kapatagan is the Lake Rosario. An amazing view of Mt. Apo from the lake is so exciting and awesome.

How to Go to Kapatagan Digos

The nearest airport to Kapatagan is Davao International Airport in Davao City. From there, you can ride a taxi going to Ecoland then at Ecoland Bus Terminal, you can ride a bus going to Digos City, From Digos City, you can hire a single motor that will take you to Kapatagan.

However, this is not the most comfortable means of transportation.

If you want a comfortable way of going to Kapatagan, you may hire a car rental. This way, you can have many places to visit in the area.

If you have a private car, just go to Digos City and then head to Kapatagan.

You can book your flight in going to Davao below.

If you need car rentals, you can book it here. Want to explore Kapatagan? Book your tour here.


Have you been to any of these Kapatagan Digos tourist spots? Which one is your most favorite? I would not wonder if you will pick not just one as there are plenty of awesome attractions in Kapatagan.

If you have not been to any of these places, it is time to make a plan of your next getaway and experience relaxation and fun with nature.