People’s Park is a public park in Davao City that is located just in downtown Davao.

It is a park that a lot of people go to because they can relax at this park as it has lots of trees and they can do picnics or hang out with friends and family.

You can also exercise and jog in the park, given its ample size.

It is common to see family relaxing at this park as well as teenagers and students with their friends just enjoying the grounds or sitting areas under the trees.

People’s Park Location/Address

People’s Park is located at Palma Gil Street, Davao City.

How much is the Entrance Fee to People’s Park

Entrance to People’s Park is free.

People’s Park History

People’s Park used to be called PTA Grounds. It is a public place where events and concerts are being held.

I remember seeing concerts with friends of what used to be PTA Grounds.

In 2006, then Davao City mayor Rodrigo Duterte wanted to transform the place into a beautiful park.

He then informed the public about the project and solicited suggestions for a new name of the park through a contest.

People’s Park won in that contest, hence the name of the park. The name signifies that the park is owned by the people as it is a public and government park and maintained by the city government of Davao.

Durian Dome

One of the most notable structures inside the park, just near the entrance, is a small building called durian dome. The design of the dome resembles a durian, a popular fruit that is abundant in Davao.

The dome has an office and a gallery that displays the pictures of tribes in Davao as well as some events like the Kadayawan Festival.

Philippine Eagle

As you enter the park, you will never fail to notice the big statue of the Philippine Eagle near the path going to the children’s playground.

One of the symbols of Davao is the Philippine Eagle which is endemic in its mountains.

The eagle is also a significant symbol of the resilience of Davao and its people, having soared high beyond the troubles and tribulations of the past, continuing to push forward for its progress.

Abundant Trees

One of the reasons Ppark is great for relaxing is the abundant trees of different species planted in the place.

It gives a breath of fresh air in the middle of concrete city jungle.

What’s more alluring is the provision of picnic tables and chairs as well as seating provisions under the trees.

Children’s Playground

Another attractive feature of the park is the children’s playground.

It is an amazing feature especially for families with kids.

There are swings, monkey bars, see-saw and other amenities for children to enjoy and have fun.


You can bring foods with you as you enter the park. However, please always practice Clean As You Go (CLAYGO).

There are trash bins provided in the area.


When you stroll inside the park, you will notice a building with a durian design, having spikes in its structure.

This is a museum. But it is not yet open as of the moment.

People’s park is part of Davao City Tour which you can book via Klook here.

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