Gerry’s Grill at SM Lanang Premier is one of the restaurants that offer Filipino foods. If you are looking for Filipino favorite fares then this restaurant is perfect for you.

We were off to SM Lanang Premier for a dinner and one of my relatives was looking forward to enjoy Filipino foods because she was really craving for it.

We roam around the mall and we decided to dine at Gerry’s Grill Restaurant.

Attentive Staff

As soon as we entered to the restaurant, we were right away attended by their courteous staff. We hurriedly took our orders as we were already hungry at the time.

They took our orders and it took 15-20 minutes for our orders to arrive. I believe it is a good turnaround time as there were considerable number of diners at their restaurant at the time of our visit.

After all, it was dinner time, a usually busy time for restaurants.

Sisig at Gerry's Grill Restaurant, SM Lanang Prenier, Wanderful Philippines

The Food

The food at Gerry’s grill are really delicious. Some of the foods we ordered are:

Kinilaw. To start our meal, we ordered kinilaw, a delicious appetizer. There are many ways and variations kinilaw is prepared. However, theirs is a simple preparation but so delicious, just the way I prepare it at home.

They were using fresh tuna and it was then mixed with red onion slices, ginger and “cooked in vinegar”. It was perfectly seasoned and it was really a click to our group.

Grilled squid at Gerry's Grill Restaurant SM Lanang Premier, Wanderful Philippines

Grilled Squid. As the one who invited us to this dinner was craving for seafoods, grilled squid is one of our options. It was perfectly grilled as it was so soft and not rubbery.

The taste is great as well. So it was one of our orders that got empty first 🙂 .

Beef Soup. We wanted to have some soup for dinner so the group decided to order nilagang baka or beef soup. It is good to note that the beef was really tender and a joy to indulge.

The warm soup which is tastefully seasoned is so warming to our tummies.

Lechon Kawali. We ordered the kid’s favorite lechon kawali as they requested it. They were feasting the two orders that we got.

Halo-halo. One of the favorite desserts of Filipinos is the halo-halo. Some in our group ordered it and they never regret having one.

It was delicious and topped with ube ice cream which made it more delightful and colorful.

Bottomless Iced Tea. For our drinks, some of us ordered bottomless iced tea to be able to save. This is actually a great option for your drinks if you dine at this restaurant.

Green mango Shake and Watermelon Shake. I personally love green mango shake. Since some of the shakes offered on their menu are not available at the time of our visit, I went for the green mango.

Some of the group ordered the watermelon shake which was delicious as well.

The Place

Gerry’s Grill Restaurant has a nice ambiance and it has a considerable huge space. It can accommodate large group of diners. They also have a restroom at their own place.

So you do not need to get out if nature calls for it.


Gerry’s Grill Restaurant is a great place to dine especially if you are looking to enjoy Filipino foods. They have a nice place and nice staff that will take care of your needs.

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