Do you want to go to places that are so beautiful and Instagram worthy? Then visit Maragusan town in Davao de Oro (used to be Compostela Valley Province or simply Comval Province in Davao region). There are numerous Maragusan tourist spots that will surely make one of your memorable travels.

The Municipality of Maragusan, or widely known to people in Davao as just Maragusan is a landlocked municipality in the coastal province of Davao de Oro.

Maragusan is formerly known as San Mariano. It is surrounded by rolling hills and mountainous terrain, which serve as its natural shield against strong winds. Its elevation ranges from 2,000-7,642 feet above sea level.

It has a chilly and balmy weather and dubbed as “Little Baguio” in Davao Region.

How to Go to Maragusan

If you are coming from Visayas or Luzon, the nearest airport to Maragusan is in Davao City. From Davao city, you have to take a trip via bus or van going to Tagum. And from Tagum City Bus Terminal, take another bus ride going to Maragusan.

Maragusan Tourist Spots

There are various Maragusan tourist spots you have to visit.

Below you can find instagram worthy to visit at this lovely place in Davao de Oro.

Campo de Oro

C&C Campo de Oro – Sea of Clouds is one of the many tourist spots in Maragusan, Davao de Oro. It is almost a 2 hour drive from Tagum City, an hour drive from Mati City and just 20 minutes from Poblacion Maragusan. The best time to see the Sea of Clouds is early in the morning at 5:30am until 8am. It would be best to come to Campo de Oro and stay overnight, so you will have plenty of time to appreciate the Sea of Clouds early in the morning.

Entrance Fee:

  • 40 pesos per head (DAYTOUR)
  • 70 pesos (OVERNIGHT)


  • Open Cottage – 200 pesos
  • Bahay Kubo – 1,500 pesos
  • Function Hall – 1,000 pesos

For Booking contact this number 0951-086-9353

Cleo Heights

Cleo Heights Sea of Clouds is a resort at Maragusan, Davao de Oro. Cleo Heights is situated nearby known tourist destinations such as Fabian’s Peak Ocean of Clouds and Calamba Farm Sea of Clouds.

Entrance Fee:

  • 40 pesos per head (DAYTOUR)
  • 70 pesos (OVERNIGHT)


  • Room good for 2 persons – 500 pesos
  • Room good for 6 pax – 1,200 pesos
  • Kubo good for 6-8pax- 1,500 pesos
  • Building with CR food for 2 persons – 1,000 pesos
  • Tent with beddings – 300 pesos

For Booking contact this number 0930-553-5866

Calamba Farm Sea of Cloud

Want some great Instagram photo? Then Calamba Farm Sea of Cloud can offer that. Stay at the place overnight so you can watch the Sea of Clouds appear at around 5am. It would be best to ride a single motor (habal2x) going to Calamba Farm.

Calamba Farm Sea of Cloud is open 24/7.

Day tour rates is 60 pesos(Adult) and 30 pesos(Kids), and 100 pesos for overnight stay.


Rooms: 1,000 pesos good for 2-3 persons

Family Room: 2,500 pesos good for 4-6 persons

Tent Rental:

200 pesos (4-5 persons) with insulator

400 pesos free beddings and pillow

Own Tent – 100 pesos tent corkage

Calamba Farm Sea of Cloud also offers:

  • Breakfast (very affordable)
  • Store inside 24/7 (very affordable)
  • Free use of griller
  • Bonfire is allowed
  • No corkage on food and drinks
  • Parking Area
  • Pet Friendly Zone

Contact Number: 0927-446-1833 | 0948-547-2727 | 0926-206-6661

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Salvosa Falls

If you like to freshen up, and take a dip into water, Salvosa Falls would be the ideal spot. The water is clean, clear and cold.

Tagbibinta Falls

Maragusan has numerous waterfalls to go and visit, Tagbibinta Falls is one of those breathtaking waterfalls that is a must-visit when you go to Maragusan.

Nature lovers will be excited for what it has to offer, with Tagbibinta Falls being a series of 7 falls. You will be challenged to overcome a series of trails to finish going to all 7 falls.

Aguakan Cold Spring Resort

Summer is fast approaching. What better way to freshen up your body and take a dip at Aguakan Coldspring Resort. They also have kiddie pool, fish spa, restaurant, canteen and function hall.

Rate for Concrete Rooms:

  • Old Concrete Rooms good for 4 pax – 1,240 pesos
  • Latest Concrete Rooms good for 3 pax – 1,830 pesos

Rate for Cottages:

  • Good for 5 pax – 350 pesos
  • Good for 10 pax – 850 pesos
  • Good for 15 pax – 1,200 pesos

Contact Number: 0908-721-3001

Kanlawig Hot Spring

Stressed from work? Need a place to relax and rejuvenate? Taking a bath at a hot spring would do your body good. Kanlawig Hot Spring is a great place to visit.

You can find two different falls on hot spring basin. Bathing in hot spring can have many benefits such as helping your body relax, which benefits many aspects of your health, including sleeping patterns and nutrient assimilation.


Entrance – 24 pesos

Overnight – 75 pesos

Cottages – 100-500 pesos

Fabian’s Peak of Clouds

abian’s Peak Ocean of Clouds is one of the many resorts in Maragusan. Fabian’s Peak is also near to some tourist spots namely Cleao Height’s Sea of Clouds and Calamba Farms Sea of Clouds.

Haven’s Peak Highland Resort

What I like in Haven’s Peak Highland Resort aside from dining with a view of white clouds, is their cable car, the little one really enjoy that part. The place is great and clean. The staff was accommodating and friendly.

Haven’s Peak Highland Resort is a mountain resort nestled atop Maragusan Hill offering 208 steps ascending to its skyline providing sight of the picture-perfect and great scenery amidst a mountainous backdrop.

Aircon Room Rates:

  • Good for 2 – 2,500 pesos
  • Good for 3 – 3,000 pesos
  • Good for 4 – 3,500 pesos
  • with breakfast and swimming pool access

Non Aircon Room:

  • Villa/Dorm for 8 pax – 3,200 pesos
  • Pool access only. Towels & Toiletries not included

Entrance Fee:

  • Stairs – 50 pesos(ADULT) | 30 pesos (CHILD)
  • Cable Car Roundtrip – 150 pesos(ADULT) | 120 pesos (CHILD)

Swimming Pool – 80 pesos(ADULT) | 50 pesos (CHILD)

Day Tour: 7am – 6pm