Chobi Chobi Restaurant at SM Lanang Premier is one of our favorite restaurants in town.  They serve delicious Filipino fares that are sure click to common Filipino palate.

One weekend, me and my family decided to eat out and we agreed to dine at Chobi-Chobi SM Lanang. We love their food and waiters and waitresses are attentive.


Our order consist of Crispy Pata, Kinilaw, belly dancer (grilled thin slices of pork belly) and sinigang na baboy for our soup.

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Kinilaw is my husband’s favorite.  This kinilaw is made of Malasugue fish mixed with vinegar, tomatoes, ginger, onions and chilli.  This is a super appetizer to start the meal.

This crispy pata is irresistible.  Super yummy.  This is the large version and it is just enough for us 6 people dining at the time.

Belly dancer is an all time favorite.  Whenever we dine at Chobi-Chobi Restaurant, we never fail to order this best seller.  We had 2 orders of this.  1 order is not sufficient for us who were super hungry at the time.

Our last order is Sinigang na Baboy (Pork Sour Soup).  Their version is yummy and the soup is so rich.  The pork is also very tender.  Perfect for our meal.  We end up cleaning our plates and all the foods we ordered.

Key Takeaways

Chobi-chobi restaurant is located at the 2nd floor of SM Lanang Premier, Davao City.  This restaurant originated in Cebu so for us that originated in the Visayan region, their food are really perfect for our taste.

We really loved the foods on their menu.  It is also note worthy to mention that prices of their food are competitive and reasonable.  You will feel satisfied with their food without feeling robbed and guilty because prices are really not that high.  Money you’ll spend in this restaurant is all worth it.

You may try to dine at this restaurant if you happen to be at SM Lanang Davao.